To ensure that every customer receives his order ‘from Kovalska’ on time, our company has the fleet of over 600 specialized machinery units.
Avtobudcomplex-K specializes in road transportation of construction-purpose products. The company was acquired by Kovalska ICG as a result of improvement of the corporation’s transportation policy and transition to full logistical servicing of customers in accordance with European standards of service quality. The fleet of modern tractor trucks, dump trucks and concrete transport trucks with volumes ranging from 6 to 12 m3 ensure round-the-clock delivery of concrete, building mortars and ready reinforced-concrete products right on schedule.
Availability of own concrete transport truck fleet allows us to promptly deliver, without any delays, quality concrete mixes in Kyiv and the Kyiv Oblast. Avtobudcomplex-K LLC’s logistics section offers delivery of other cargoes throughout Ukraine.
All vehicles have specialized equipment that ensures reliable and safe transportation of cargo. Every truck has a GPS device which helps track deliveries from loading to offloading at the customer’s facility.
Kovalska ICG offers the full range of trucking services, while simultaneously continuing to enlarge and renovate its truck fleet in accordance with today’s environmental requirements. Thus, in 2013 we purchased 20 Mercedes Actros-based specialized vehicles, and one year before that, six dump trucks with enlarged dump body volume.
In addition, the enterprise features modern concrete and building mortar manufacturing complexes.


Production capacity
600,000 cub. m of concrete and building mortars per annum. Two workshops and two concrete mixing plants produce 2,400 cub. m of concrete mixes per day.
Contact information
03680 Kyiv, 34, Sviatoshynska str.
Vladyslav Lynnyk
Director’s reception desk:
Tel/fax: +38 (044) 403-01-00
Production and Sales:
Tel.: +38 (044) 205-42-27, 205-42-09
Truck dispatcher:
Tel.: +38 (044) 403-33-76
Freight forwarding:
Tel.: +38 (044) 407-64-00
CBP dispatcher:
Tel.: +38 (044) 205-42-47
Accounting office:
Tel.: +38 (044) 403-33-77, 205-42-30
Logistical Support:
Tel.: +38 (044) 403-33-81
Human Resources:
Tel.: +38 (044) 403-34-81