In June 2012 Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group Association opened a new subdivision, Center for Innovative Technologies (CIT). UAH 1.1 million was invested in construction of the Center’s facilities. Further UAH 1.5 million was invested in state-of-the-art equipment, in particular, in the unique and Ukraine‘s only experimental complex performing full-scale physical tests for split strength and tensile strength, determining modulus of elasticity, etc.
CIT’s main goal is development of concrete mix recipes and mortars of various purposes, including road and architectural concretes, industrial floors and semi-dry vibration pressing products.
It also performs comprehensive studies of building material properties and employs innovative solutions to solve complex problems which modern construction industry faces.
Kovalska Group Center for Innovative Technologies oversees new products from laboratory development of recipe to their use at construction sites.


CIT makes substantial contribution to development of Ukraine’s science by implementing the latest technological developments concerning concrete and ancillary materials at Kovalska ICG enterprises and providing optimal solutions for projects of any degree of complexity.