Commercial property


Green Island Residential Complex

Green Island Residential Complex is located close to the center of Kyiv, next to Prospekt Peremohy near cozy Nyvky Park. Green Island has own enclosed area and represents a uniform-style integral complex that includes three modern buildings. Convenient transport access to Prospekt Peremohy and vul. Oleny Telihy. 15 minutes from Beresteiska Metro station.

Building at Pchilky Residential Complex

The residential complex at vul. Oleny Pchilky 5, built near Pozniaky Metro station, has absorbed the best to create the most convenient conditions for every resident.

Dibrova Residential Complex

Everybody wants to live and run own business in a place full of comfort, quietness and harmony. The modern high-rise apartment building at vul. Levitana 3 in Kyiv’s Holosiivskyi Raion makes this dream come true.

Residential complex at 93-А, Zakrevskoho str.

The residential complex at vul. Zakrevskoho 93-А is the first newly-built property in a new neighborhood with improved infrastructure that meets the contemporary requirements to quality housing.


Complex at 93-А, Zakrevskoho str.

The adjacent complex of nonresidential facilities at vul. Zakrevskoho 93-А provides all opportunities to develop business in Troieshchyna’s new neighborhood.


Complex at 2, Kasiana str.

The three-storey building with own underground parking has the full ownership-confirmation document package and direct access to Prospekt Akademika Hlushkova and Kiltseva Doroha and forms part of the multi-section residential complex Jockey commissioned in 1Q 2008.