Concrete from Kovalska

Concrete from Kovalska: 100% leader

Concrete from KovalskaTM is a vivid example of construction epos on domestic market. For 15 years the brand has been fulfilling all criteria of the leader in manufacture of quality concrete: over 1500 recipes, 20 concrete mixing plants, 7 reinforced-concrete products manufacturing workshops and test sites, over 600 concrete mixing transport trucks, dozens of specialized machinery units.

The brand combines 8 powerful manufacturing enterprises in Kyiv, Chernigiv and Pereyaslav. These enterprises have implemented unique production process automation system, use equipment from world-renowned manufacturers, own raw materials and advanced chemical and mineral admixtures from the leading European producers to manufacture premium-class concrete. Comprehensive control (input, operational and output) of raw material and finished product quality at all stages of production process is carried out by our own laboratories and quality assurance departments according to international standards. Thanks to efficient transportation policy at our enterprises and transition to full logistical servicing of customers, factories were able to achieve European standards of delivery service quality. Own specialized machinery fleet and extensive network of production facilities allow for timely deliveries of concrete in Kyiv and the Kyiv Oblast along optimal routes. Our customers may rest assured of reliable and safe transportation of their cargoes, because truck fleet is being continuously modernized and undergoes appropriate inspection for compliance with today’s requirements. Over 70% of properties in Kyiv were built using Concrete from Kovalska, including residential complexes (Novopecherski Lypky, Park City, Emerald, Diplomat Hall, Green Island), hotels (Hyatt Regency Kyiv and Premier Palace), Cathedral of Holy Resurrection of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, large number of hypermarkets and retail and entertainment centers.

Presently, Concrete from Kovalska is used in construction of several large-scale projects: Respublika Mall, Lavina, Mall Block Buster retail and entertainment centers, reconstruction of Poshtova Ploshcha and Dnieper Embankment, construction of the highest business center in Europe Sky Towers, comfort-class residential complex Green Island-2, and a number of other industrial and public properties.

Concrete from Kovalska’s image is over 50 years of impeccable reputation. And therefore, observance of European standards of product quality and safety is one of the industry’s most important requirements.

Concrete from Kovalska: we build the eternal!