Kovalska-Project is an expert in development of design solutions for construction industry, capable of handling complex architectural tasks in the shortest possible time.
Kovalska-Project offers design of industrial, logistics, retail and entertainment and other types of buildings which use reinforced-concrete elements of assembled frame structures.
In modern construction industry, the technology of erecting frame-type structures using assembled reinforced-concrete elements has excellent prospects thanks to rapid development of construction technologies: formwork mounting systems, reinforcing, concrete mix recipes.
The main advantages of assembled reinforced-concrete structures include:
arbitrary planning of frame-type structure space;
reduced installation time with no arc welding needed;
no need for additional molds of frame’s reinforced-concrete elements;
assuring that structures meet fire safety requirements without additional special means of increasing fire resistance;
low maintenance costs for the duration of structure’s operation;
installation work can be done under low temperatures;
minimum material consumption of structures.
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