InCo Home Company

InCo Home (Invest-Consulting AMC LLC) is one of the leading operators in financial sector of Kyiv’s residential and commercial real property market. During 10 years in business the company has gained reputation of an exceptionally reliable and responsible company selling housing and providing comprehensive services to partners, having achieved substantial growth of assets placed under its management.
In 2011 InCo Home was acquired by Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group, the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of building materials.
Impeccable reputation, innovative methods and high performance efficiency helped InCo Home successfully implement countless projects on Kyiv’s residential and nonresidential property market.
Today, InCo Home manages 12 mutual and corporate funds, which provides yet another proof of the company’s impeccable reputation on Ukrainian investment market.
Contact information
Sales Department
04112 Kyiv, 1, I. Sikorskoho str., Green Island Residential Complex, 1st Floor, entrance from Lagerna str.
Tel.: +38 (044) 303-96-56
Real Estate from Kovalska Central Sales Department
01011 Kyiv, 4, Panasa Myrnoho str.
Tel.: +38 (044) 591-77-99
Fax: +38 (044) 591-77-97
Green Island Sales Office
Kyiv, 1, Sikorskoho str (pavilion)
Phone: +38 (050) 417-71-91, (050) 332-36-11
Parkova Vezha Sales Office
Kyiv, 2-G, Chervonopilska str
Phone: +38 (050) 417-71-88, (095) 281-11-27