The Center for Innovative Technologies is responsible for development and improvement of concrete mix recipes and mortars of various purposes, including road and architectural concretes, concretes for vertical structures, industrial floors, semi-dry vibration pressing products, etc.
It also performs comprehensive studies of building material properties and employs innovative solutions to solve complex problems which modern construction industry faces.
Kovalska Group Center for Innovative Technologies offers a number of services that include development of customized recipes, research and development examinations, writing technological regulations, provision of conclusions on customer complaints.
CIT’s state-of-the-art equipment includes the full set of devices for mechanical and other tests based on all important parameters. We use this equipment to determine modulus of elasticity and product’s response to compression and bending, perform shrinkage tests and tests for resistance to temperatures, mixing speed and humidity temperature.
All that ensures quality input and output control of advanced building materials, in particular, ready-mix concrete, reinforced-concrete structures and vibration pressed concrete products.
Our representatives will gladly consult you on all our products for projects of any degree of complexity and select the most optimal solution.
Contact information:
Center for Innovative Technologies Director
Petro Viktorovych Popruha
Tel.: +38 (044) 430-42-23