Modern buildings require new approach to their maintenance. Only a maintenance organization that keeps up with the times may provide the required level of service.
Beginning from 2004 all properties built by Real Estate from Kovalska are maintained by our own operator, Kovalska-Zhytloservice. The company is responsible for functioning of engineering infrastructure of various properties – apartment buildings and adjacent areas, office centers, parking facilities and experimental high-rise residential complexes.
Kovalska-Zhytloservice’s engineering, technical and service personnel – over 500 qualified staff of various professions – do their best to create maximum comfort and convenience for residents of the newly-built properties and their guests by providing a broad range of housing maintenance and utility services.
As of today, the company services 46 properties with the aggregate space of 838,000 sq.m, including 9,100 apartments, 540 office premises, 870 parking spots in 7 underground parking facilities.
It is worth noting that among the apartment buildings operated by Kovalska-Zhytloservice there are three tallest experimental residential complexes in Ukraine, located at vul. Kniazhyi Zaton 21, vul. Mishuhy 12 and vul. Sribnokilska 1 (all in Kyiv).
Contact information:
02140 Kyiv, 3, E. Chavdar str.
Dmytro Pikulin
Director’s reception desk:
Tel.: +38 (044) 569-84-08