Mission and values

Kovalska Group’s mission is to facilitate comprehensive development of Ukraine’s construction market, build more affordable and better-quality housing, and make life of our people better and more comfortable. Kovalska ICG’s strategic goal is to channel all efforts at the global development of construction industry and create new canons of product quality standards and new production and service culture.

We contribute to development of society by creating comfortable housing and social infrastructure and manufacturing high-quality building materials – reliable, technology-intensive, innovative and environmentally-friendly.

Our business is based on the following core values:

►  Reliability and responsibility

We bear responsibility before our customers for the quality of our products and services, before our shareholders for our performance results, before our business partners and colleagues for reliability in fulfilling our obligations, and before the society for respecting personal rights and freedoms and contribution to Ukraine’s economic and social development.

►  Respect and trust

We build relationships with the Group’s customers, partners, competitors and employees on the basis of mutual respect and recognition of everyone’s right to personal opinion. We do everything possible to create the atmosphere of mutual trust and strict respect of interests in any area of cooperation.

►  Justice

We abide by the principles of business justice in all its manifestations, i.e., achieving conformity between contribution and benefit. We realize that it will help us achieve the maximum effect and satisfy in the most optimal way the interests of our customers, shareholders, business partners and employees.

►  Innovations

For us, innovations mean ‘investments in novation’ as a result of practical mastering of a new process, product or service. Our goal is to be innovative and find new, more efficient solutions.

►  Technological leadership

We strive for leadership in the mastering of new technologies, creating practical-science sites for exchange of knowledge and experience and developing the industry’s research & development and labor potential.

►  Strive for improvement

Realistically assessing the prospects and potential of our projects, we always strive to reach higher. We bear responsibility for our actions and decisions and are not afraid of learning from mistakes, regarding them as a source of additional knowledge.

►  Professionalism

We invest all our knowledge and skills in achieving the best results, employ weighted, and consistent approach in decision-making process and in adherence to preset goal achievement timeframes. We provide the Group’s employees with an opportunity to realize their potential in the team and individual work, guaranteeing everyone’s personal and professional growth.

►  Openness

We are a public company operating within Ukraine’s legal framework. We are always open to a dialogue with representatives of mass media, civic organizations and professional communities, creating unique expert site.