Omelyanivskiy Quarry LLC

Omelyanivskiy Quarry is the developer of Berezivskyi Granite Deposit in the Zhytomyr Oblast, a powerful source of raw materials which meets the demand of Kovalska ICG’s plants by supplying required quantities of high-quality cubical crushed granite, sifting, fine fillers and rough stone.
Presently, Omelyanivskiy Quarry includes five main departments: extracting, grinding and sorting, trucking, loading, and drilling and detonation site.
The enterprise’s staff includes over 250 employees. The quarry’s annual production output amounts to over 750,000 cub. m of mined solid rock, from which we produce over 1.5 million tons of high-quality crushed stone annually. The total reserves are estimated at 45 million cub. m of solid rock.
The enterprise undergoes continuous improvement. It currently features three new, ultramodern grinding and sorting lines manufactured by Metso Minerals and worth over EUR 15 million in total. Since May 2011 the quarry has been doing drilling and detonation work itself, which substantially improved the quality of its output.
Production capacity
Omelyanivskiy Quarry produces over 1.5 million tons of crushed stone, sifting, fillers, rough stone and other granite products annually.
Contact information
11560 Zhytomyr Oblast, Korosten Raion, Horshchyk village, 11, Tsentralna str.
Nenko Stanislav
Director’s reception desk
Tel: +38 (044) 393-43-08
Accounting office
Tel: +38 (044) 393-43-09
Logistical Support
Yaroslav Anatoliyovych Zagorodnyuk
Tel: +38 (044) 393-43-10