Kovalska ICG continues to grow while implementing new technologies, equipment and advanced solutions.
We are always open to cooperation, and therefore, invite all interested parties to participate in tenders for selection of suppliers and service providers held by our company.
Our Procurements and Contract Policy Department is responsible for organization of tender procurements for Kovalska ICG’s all enterprises. We employ weighted and comprehensive approach when studying every offer to procure this or that product, and do our best to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness and efficiency of procurements, openness of tender procedures, objectivity and impartiality when making decisions as regards selection of suppliers.
Kovalska ICG welcomes all companies to participate in open electronic tenders. To be eligible for our tenders, suppliers must meet requirements to quality, experience, qualification and resources.
If you’re ready to become our supplier or strategic partner and offer interesting terms of mutually beneficial cooperation, we are waiting for your commercial offers.
Please, note that all procurement tenders organized by Kovalska ICG are held on the transparent and competitive basis only.
Any attempt at stimulation оr an offer of bonus system will be regarded as unfair competition practice, and as a result, the company concerned will be blacklisted and all further business contacts with it will be terminated.
Thank you for your understanding and fair business!
Contact information
01011 Kyiv, 4, Panasa Myrnoho str.
Department Manager
Serhii Oleksandrovych Honcharenko
Reception desk
Tel.: +38 (044) 591-70-42