Reinforced-concrete products


One of the important and key areas of activity of Svitlana Kovalska RCCP PJSC, Beton Complex LLC, Beton Service LLC, Darnytskyi RCCP PJSC and Budindustriya OJSC (Chernihiv) is manufacture of high-quality reinforced concrete under the Concrete from Kovalska brand. The annual reinforced concrete manufacturing capacity is 320,000 m3 of wide-range products made at 15 modern workshops and sites.


In terms of technical and economic characteristics, reinforced concrete remains (as before) the main construction material that occupies priority place in the general structure of world’s building products manufacture. It has a number of advantages vis-à-vis other materials: reinforced-concrete structures are fire-resistant and durable, and do not require special means of protection against destructive atmospheric impact. Floor slabs, fence elements, basement and foundation blocks, driven piles, staircases, road surface slabs, water well rings – all of them are reinforced-concrete products. Obviously, each of them has different reinforcing system, concrete recipe and production technology.

2006 opened a new era in the history of manufacture of reinforced-concrete products under the Concrete from Kovalska brand. That year, Beton Complex Plant began manufacturing precast reinforced concrete.

In 2012 Beton Complex Plant launched manufacture of floor slabs using extrusion method on non-formwork formation line.

In the fall of 2013 Svitlana Kovalska RCCP PJSC has installed new Polish-made equipment for manufacture of European-standard concrete rings 1 m and 1.5 m in diameter.

Our concrete and reinforced-concrete products are ISO 9001:2009-certified. The most important requirement to reinforced concrete, which Concrete from KovalskaTM products are fully compliant with, is modern-level manufacturing precision. Olimpiiskyi National Sports Complex and international passenger Terminal A at Zhuliany Airport, built using our products, serve as a proof of that. Modern sporting facilities erected for the European football championship were highly praised by the commission comprised of foreign experts.

Experience and knowledge of specialists working at Kovalska enterprises allow to implement projects of any engineering design. ‘We are not limited in production capabilities and haven’t come across any order we could not fulfill: the more complex it is, the more interesting it becomes’, our specialists say.