Residential complexes


Real Estate from Kovalska is the first company in Ukraine to offer comfort-class residential complexes which represent the optimal solution in terms of the price-to-quality ratio.

The new standard is based on advantageous location, enclosed adjacent area, advanced materials and construction technologies, high quality of service and comfortable apartment layout. Green Island-2 Residential Complex is built in strict compliance with all requirements to comfort-class properties.

Real Estate from Kovalska specialists devote substantial attention to development of comfortable apartment layout. Thus, the space of 1-room apartments starts from 43 sq.m, 2-room from 64 sq.m and 3-room from 86 sq.m.

Green Island-2 Residential Complex is located in Kyiv’s ecologically-clean neighborhood, surrounded by Nyvky, Dubky and Syretskyi Parks.

Beresteiska Metro station is located only 10 minutes of walking through Nyvky Park away.

At the same time, only 3 minutes of driving separate vul. Ihoria Sikorskoho from the convenient transport junction at Prospekt Peremohy or vul. Oleny Telihy.

In the center of the complex there will be a children’s playground featuring game complexes for children of various ages and a sports ground. Playgrounds are surrounded by green areas for recreation.

The complex will have enclosed adjacent area, underground parking, security guards, video surveillance and access control systems.

Real Estate from Kovalska created a special leisure and entertainment area in Nyvky Park with new paved pathways and alleys, lighting, sports and children’s playgrounds.

Combining comfort and innovations, Green Island-2 Residential Complex provides an optimal solution for those who want to buy quality housing at affordable price.