Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group keeps up with the times, confidently implementing the latest achievements in science and technology at its enterprises and thus enlarging its product nomenclature and improving product quality.

Extruder line from Nordimpianti System S.r.l., Italy

In June 2012 we launched an ultramodern full-option Extruder hollow-core floor slab production line that does not require formwork. This Extruder formation complex was supplied by the renowned Italian manufacturer Nordimpianti System S.r.l. Extruder’s net production capacity is 500-540 running meters of hollow-core floor slabs per day, which means that we are able to satisfy the needs of almost any construction project within required time. In addition, thanks to unquestionable advantages of hollow-core floor slabs, the building’s interior space may be planned more arbitrarily and more complex façade and spatial planning solutions may now be implemented. The products have high soundproof and fire-resistance characteristics. The Extruder slabs come out 3-5% lighter than their traditional counterparts thanks to the greater porosity parameter while preserving the same strength. For example, a 7 meter-long slab weights only 298-300 kg/sq.m. In other words, by using hollow-core products every square meters of a building’s surface may be made 8-10 kg lighter, which will substantially reduce load on the building’s foundation.
Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group boasts many years of successful experience on the building materials market. During years of doing business in this sphere the Group’s enterprises have supplied quality reinforced-concrete products to a substantial number of construction sites across Ukraine. Trust of numerous partners working with our Group under long-term contractual relationships is the guarantee of high quality of our products and their absolute conformity with DSTU requirements.

High-tech equipment for manufacture of paving and building blocks from Hess AAC Systems BV, Germany

Kovalska ICG was one of the first to install Hess vibration pressing equipment for manufacture of concrete paving and building blocks at Beton Complex Plant.
The first unit for manufacture of concrete paving and building blocks, Multimat RH 1500-2 VA was installed in 2006, which substantially expanded the enterprise’s capacity to make competitive products.
The next, improved model Multimat RH 1500-3 VA went into operation at Beton Complex Plant in March 2011, thus almost doubling the factory’s production capacity to 90 thousand m3 of building blocks or 800 thousand sq.m of vibration-pressed concrete paving. That amount of paving is enough for more than a hundred of Olympic stadiums! 
But the possibilities of Hess equipment do not end there. Six months later, it began manufacturing a new product – elements of landscape design marketed under Avenu DécorTM and available in two types. The first type is Fusion paving elements with surface processed using shot blasting technology, which makes them look very similar to the natural stone. The other type is Rustic: using special equipment that splits a product in several fragments, we produce items with the texture similar to a split natural stone.
Decorative concrete elements come in various shapes and colors and have refined surface with natural stone appearance. Surely, high quality and unparalleled attractive design of our products will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Waste-free, recycling-based production technology

Wet processing of building mortar residue, ecology and resource saving have long become European construction industry’s development vectors which
Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group orients itself at.
That’s why all enterprises of our Groups have drum recyclers washing out and removing ready-mix concrete residue from concrete transport trucks and separating fillers from solvents.
The advantages of recycling are obvious: 
1. Processing, washout, sorting and reuse of inert materials and solvent residues;
2. No outlays for removal and utilization of residues outside the enterprise’s premises;
3. Protecting the environment against contamination by industrial waste;
4. Reduced consumption of building materials;
5. No need for mechanical cleaning of mixers, which extends their service life and makes maintenance easier.
Recycling of building mortar residue is an environmentally-friendly and efficient method of managing production materials which helps substantially reduce time and financial costs.

Equipment for manufacture of European-standard concrete rings (Poland)

Svitlana Kovalska RCCP has launched a line for manufacture of concrete rings 1 m and 1.5 m in diameter, used in various-purpose wells.

The formation equipment consists of UFK-2.0 vibration press and ZMB-2.0 concrete mix filler plus a number of ancillary elements that improve the product’s technical and esthetical parameters.
Now, the concrete ring manufacturing process became more mechanized, allowing the enterprise to produce up to 40 items per day, or almost 1200 well rings per month.