Tender Committee

Greetings from the Procurements and Contract Policy Department! Thank you for your interest in doing business with us.
All procurements made by Kovalska ICG are held on the basis of transparent and competitive tender. We have the uniform corporate Regulation on Procurements which rules out any uncompetitive or biased decision-making procedures.
Cooperation with our company opens a whole number of opportunities and advantages for manufacturers and suppliers:
►cooperation with one of the largest manufacturing enterprises in Ukraine that has large turnover of regular procurements;
►an opportunity to participate in open and transparent tenders;
►financial stability and timely settlement of debt;
►continuously updated procurement and tender database;
►professionalism of our personnel.
The current tenders section provides complete information about our past and upcoming procurements, tenders and open auctions; there, you will find a list of our regular procurements and place your supply offer.
We suggest you filing information about your company in the database of our potential suppliers in advance. In response, you will receive information about new procurements in your area of business and an opportunity to participate in our tenders.
We look forward to our efficient and long-lasting cooperation!