The Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group has started construction of the 31Z residential building. The building is located in the Darnytskyi district of Kyiv at the following address: 31z Drahomanova street.  

30 December 2020 The State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine has issued a permit to perform construction work at the specified address. Thus, the work has been begun. The expected completion date is Quarter 4 of 2022.  

The 31Z has an unusual format for a typical building on the left bank. And its key concept is a different point of view on living space.

Having taken the peculiarities of the location, we immediately abandoned the concept of high and cramped development. The 31Z is a comfort+ class house that will consist of two sections with a height of 9 and 16 floors.

Olga Pylypenko, Deputy General Director of the Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group:

Having carefully studied the existing offer of complexes in this area, we realized that its residents needed a new format of housing that would provide more comfort and more personal space. We managed to avoid the “window-to-window” planning common in this area. Sections of the house are arranged in such a way that each apartment has a unique panoramic view.

The concept of the 31Z house was developed by the 2Storm Ukrainian architectural and creative agency. Their task was to create a project that harmoniously integrates into the context of the location and at the same time contrasts significantly with the current development. Its facade will have calm colors and light textures. Each of the apartments will have open glass balconies. This ensures the ease of visual perception of the building.



The 31Z house is designed for people who are attracted by beauty and aesthetics. They perceive visual perfection as the norm of their lives. That's why the 31Z house is a project that is perfect in every detail.

The house has a spacious lobby with a lounge area. This is a place that will be difficult to pass by, instead everyone will want to stop for enjoying the atmosphere.

The entrance group will create the impression of a personal and caring approach to all residents of the house and their guests. For the comfort of the residents of the house, in the lobby, there will be a separate room for prams and a basin for washing pets’ paws.

On the ground floor of the building, there are commercial premises with open glass facades, where then cafes, shops, a post office and other services will be located. The courtyard of the house will be impassable for motor vehicles. Instead, it will be equipped with a playground and a green area inside the complex.

A developed infrastructure around the house is one of the key advantages of the project, because nearby there is everything you need for a carefree life. Within a walking distance, there are shopping malls and hypermarkets. Educational institutions, medical centers, sports complexes are also located on the neighboring streets. A convenient transport interchange and a metro station are located nearby.

At the same time, the location is not devoid of comfort, because right in front of the house, there is the promenade of the Pozniaky lake and a park.



The 31Z comfort class house is 134 view apartments with high light transmission and panoramic views. The complex will have a variety of plans. One-room flats are provided with an area ranging from 44,6 м2 до 56,5 m2, two-room are envisaged with an area from 73,9 m2 до 91,7 м2, three-room flats will have an area from 155,2 m2 до 163,2 m2. It is also provided that the house will have an underground parking lot and storage premises.



It is the Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group that deals with the development of the project. We are a national leader among manufacturers of building materials and a leading developer with 18 years of experience in the market of residential and office real estate.  

The Kovalska group uses its own resources in the construction of the 31Z project. This approach allows the company to build its projects with high quality and complete its projects on time.  

Sales in the 31Z residential building will start in February. Detailed information can be obtained at the central office for sales of real estate of the Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group in Kyiv at the following address:

4 Panasa Myrnoho street

or by phone (044) 393-02-25.