Dear friends, we would like to comment on Mr. Stavnitser's posting published yesterday since it contained unexpected information for us.

For theKovalska team, fairness and honesty are important principles of running a business, and we consider it unacceptable to bring business relations details to the public. However, today we are forced to do so.

Our company has purchased a part of the Toronto business center solely for own needs, and we were not going to lease out the premises, about which we informed all the tenants immediately.

within addition to the building, our company received obligations under 13 lease agreements from the former owner. We conducted individual work with all the tenants and regarded everyone with favor. It took us much time to discuss the terms and conditions for the completion of the lease, in accordance with the current legislation and contractual terms.

ProstranstvoBudutshchego LLC representing the mOre company and the Apt.13 store is located on three floors in the Toronto business center with an area of 1,300 sq. m. Taking into consideration that a part of the leased space is used for a social project, we always treated the delays in paying the lease with understanding.

In addition, for a long time, lease rates for ProstranstvoBudutshchego LLC were several times lower than market rates, but even under such conditions, they failed to comply with the financial terms of the agreements.

When debts of ProstranstvoBudutshchego LLC in the amount of several million became a constant phenomenon, and the delay of paying the lease for several months became the norm of running abusiness by the lessees, we were forced to raise the issue of early termination of agreements. In the course of negotiations that took place in early February 2019, we reached a mutual agreement on the early termination of all agreements subject to the consent of the parties.

We again accepted with understanding the partners' request to make a new contract for a period of 3 months until the company would find alternative premises for running a full-fledged activity.

Moreover, during the last month,Mr,Stavnitserfailed to take part in the negotiations and in no way tried to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Based on the above, the position of the representatives of ProstranstvoBudutshchego LLC surprised us and we believe that Mr. Stavnitser's accusations are illogical and purely manipulative.