On may 31, Vladimir Vernadsky National library held a presentation of the book "Soviet Modernism. Brutalism. Post-Modernism Buildings and Structures in Ukraine 1955-1991", which was published by Osnovy publishing house with Kovalska's support.

It took over 2 years to finish the work. The authors of the book Alexey Bykov and Yevgeny Gubkin traveled all over Ukraine in search of modernism inspirations. They worked in the archives and consulted with architects to explore the history of these buildings. The book is not just about the famous buildings in Kiev, but also about hundreds of unique libraries, concert halls and markets in Ukraine, which are in danger of destruction in a few years.

As part of the presentation, public talk was held with the book co-author Alexey Bykov, publishing house director Dana Pavlychko and Sergei Pilipenko, CEO of Kovalska ICG.

"We live in a modern world, surrounded by high-rise buildings, bridges and highways. However, there are hundreds of unique buildings, parks, squares that keep the memory of the past. We can't rightly talk about the development of Ukrainian cities having no tools to preserve their historical monuments. Kovalska sees great value in supporting social initiatives that inspire respect for the cultural and architectural heritage. While building Ukrainian cities, we try to keep generational bridge by involving the practices of developed countries and skilled specialists to find optimal solutions", says Sergey Pylypenko, CEO of Kovalska ICG.

 Architect and photographer Alexei Bykov says "Our project is a kind of a try to leap into the last railroad car. Perhaps in 10 years, most of these facilities will be rebuilt or completely destroyed."

"People in Ukraine believe that the monuments of modernism architecture are relics of Soviet Ukraine. They let them fall in disrepair. By publishing this book we want to start a dialogue about our past, to pay attention to the objects that may soon become forgotten," says Dana Pavlychko, Director of Osnovy publishing house.  

Project “Soviet Modernism. Brutalism. Post-Modernism. Buildings and Structures in Ukraine 1955-1991” is a unique example of cooperation between business and an independent publishing house aimed for the development of Ukrainian culture. From the birth of the idea until the presentation the book had support of Kovalska ICG, a leading manufacturer of building materials and developer in Ukraine.

It is issued in English.

The book "Soviet Modernism. Brutalism. Post-Modernism. Buildings and Structures in Ukraine 1955-1991" was presented this year at the Book Arsenal. You can also order it online

Short film in support of the project: https://vimeo.com/274901531

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