Children diagnosed with cancer appreciate life more than anyone. Incredibly brave, strong and motivating, they make you look at the world differently, do good and selfless deeds. Kovalska starts building a house for children from all over Ukraine who are being treated for cancer and undergo rehabilitation, completely free of charge.

In the new house, instead of white coats, the smell of drugs and strict hospital rules, there will be their parents and relatives, tasty breakfasts, funny games and many flowers in their own yard. 

Every year, 350 families will be able to live and recover in an atmosphere of care and love. Construction of Dacha will already begin this autumn. On this occasion, Serhii Pylypenko, the General Director of Kovalska, and Nataliya Onipko, the President of the Zaporuka Charitable Foundation, signed a Memorandum on Cooperation.

To help the families of young patients, the Zaporuka Charitable Foundation as early as nine years ago launched a project called Smile. But the first name did not stick, because for families, the Center is a corner where they rest from medical procedures... like at a country house (DACHA in Ukrainian). Parents often say that in the hospital their children are treated, and at “Dacha”Country Housethey simply live. Therefore, the Center has officially become known under the name it is called by its main visitors.

For 9 years, Dacha has become home for 1037 Ukrainian families, but over these years, the Zaporuka Charitable Foundation has changed three rented houses. 

According to the new project, the number of families that will stay at Dacha will double, to 15 families. This will greatly enhance the capabilities of the unique center.

One of the main tasks of the architects was to create an image of such a house that would amaze and inspire children and their families to positive emotions and thoughts. The wavy shapes on the facade, which seem to flow into each other, create the effect of a cozy country house, but with a modern twist.

A carport for a corporate car, a small parking lot for Dacha guests will be located around the house, as well as a cozy courtyard where it is pleasant to spend time outdoors.

On the ground floor, there are specialized rooms for a psychologist and a physiotherapist with the necessary equipment for the procedures. One more interesting spatial solution is the panoramic kitchen-dining room, which is circle-wise filled with light from many huge windows. Nearby there will be a large hall where games, movie screenings or volunteer events can take place.

The internal space of Dacha is rational and thought out to the smallest detail. The rooms are adapted for people with disabilities or people who are temporarily unable to move independently. There will also be additional rooms for children’s relatives.

When developing the project, architects paid great attention to engineering systems. It was extremely.