“It is better to live near the water” is the philosophy of the Rusanivska Havan Residential Complex from Kovalska Real Estate. We can talk a long time about the benefits of living next to the Dnieper: walks on a boat, barbecue on the waterfront, fishing... And all this, as opposed to a noisy city, is fantastic. But you must admit that it is better to see everything personally. 

Ask how? Due to the unique service provided by the famous metropolitan developer Kovalska Real Estate — a sales office on the water, which allows you not to hear, but to feel life in the Rusanivska Havan Residential Complex.  

Is it of interest to you? 
Then we invite everyone to the introductory tour on a speedboat along the Dnieper! 

What will you see? 
The residential complex from a new angle — from the water! 

What will you feel? 
The desire to live here!   

You can order a walk by calling the sales office: (044) 499-92-25

The speedboat will run daily from 12:00 to 20:00. The comfortable number of people for the introductory tour is 3. The total number of guests is 7. The trip will last 20–25 minutes. 

There will be a sales office manager and a captain together with you on board— a professional in his field. The speedboat is equipped with everything necessary. We guarantee full safety and pleasure.

Looking forward to you and your family. We promise you will be delighted!